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Program Participants and Collaborators

The CATP training experience will be considerably enhanced by the participation and opportunities presented by the collaborators on this proposal. CATP collaborators will participate in many of the CATP training elements described above including joint supervision of CATP trainees, providing training internships in their organizations, access to, and training in, their lab facilities, and access to their field analogue sites.

International collaborators on CATP include scientists from NASA Ames, NASA JPL, Princeton University, Cornell University, and U. of Arizona. Many of the CATP researchers are Foreign Collaborators on NASA Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) proposals, NASA Astrobiology Institute proposals, and Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development (ASTID) proposals. Thus, CATP will immediately increase the mobility of trainees between Canada and the US with its provisions for travel to collaborating US institutions.

CATP Collaborators, Institutes, and Expertises are as follows:

Canadian Collaborators:

Alain Berinstain CSA Planetary Science
Michael Daly York University Robotics/Instrumentation
René Doyon Université de Montréal Exoplanets/Instrumentation
Greg Dudek McGill University Robotics
Alex Ellery Carleton University Robotics/Instrumentation
Victoria Hipkin CSA Planetary Science
Roman Kruzelecky MPB Communications Instrumentation
Richard Leveille CSA Geomicrobiology/Biosignatures
Greg Matlashewski McGill University Microbiology
Lissa Matyas McGill University Professional Skills development
Gordon Southam U. Western Ontario Geomicrobiology
Jonathan Stone McMaster University Extremophiles
Warwick Vincent Laval University Cryomicrobiology

International Collaborators:

Dale Andersen SETI, USA Analogues, Extremophiles
Jim Bell Cornell University, USA Planetary Science, Mars
Charles Cockell University of Edinburgh, UK Analogues, Extremophiles
Javie Gomez-Elvira Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain Robotics,
Astrobiology Instrumentation
Chris Mckay NASA Ames, USA Planetary Science
Randall Mielke NASA JPL, USA Microscopy, Instrumentation
Tullis Onstott Princeton University, USA CH4 Isotopes,
Victor Parro Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain Extremophiles,
Astrobiology Instrumentation
Lynn Rothschild NASA Ames, USA Extremophiles
Carol Stoker NASA Ames, USA Instrumentation
Henry Sun Desert Research Institute, USA Analogues