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CATP Program Management

CATP program management will be the responsibility of the CATP Program Committee and the CATP Supervisory Committee.

The CATP Program Committee will provide global guidance to CATP and will be responsible for: (1) gauging the effectiveness of the novel training components developed within the CATP, and for (2) identifying and pursuing opportunities for the continued maintenance of the training program. Members of the CATP Program Committee will span the full spectrum of CATP participants and will include representatives from industry - Nadeem Ghafoor, Manager, Planetary Exploration, MDA Space Missions, government - David Kendall, Director General, Space Science, CSA, and academia -Rose Goldstein, McGill VP Research. The CATP Program Committee will be chaired by Lorne Trottier. As co-founder of Matrox, a member of the Order of Canada, and long-time benefactor for Canadian space sciences, Lorne Trottier brings the commitment and experience to transition the CATP to a stable long-term research and training enterprise.

The CATP Supervisory Committee consists of 5 CATP Investigators and is essentially responsible for running and maintaining CATP. The CATP Supervisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of CATP, recruiting and selecting CATP trainees, tracking CATP trainee performance, developing and implementing Astrobiology Graduate courses/options at CATP institutes, and ensuring the success of CATP.

The CATP Project Coordinator - Ms Yella Jovich-Zahirovich - is responsible for “day to day” program operations and plays a crucial role in the implementation, organization, recruitment, and evaluation of the program.