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Ed Cloutis (U. Winnipeg) is founder and Director of the Planetary Spectrophotometer Facility, a $1M facility dedicated to spectroscopy-based planetary research ( His research focuses on the development and applications of spectroscopic techniques to the exploration and characterization of planetary surfaces. He has conducted extensive scientific investigations and testing of field instruments at a number of planetary analogues sites in Manitoba. His research looks at geological information that can be derived from spectroscopic examinations of various geological environments. He is applying his work to analysis of the surfaces of Mars, the Moon, Mercury, and asteroids and has developed several spectral analysis tools that are widely used by the planetary remote sensing community. Dr. Cloutis recently served as the Science PI on a CSA-funded concept study for a Mars drill-equipped rover (Inukshuk) and is also Geology PI for the proposed Canadian Northern Light Mars lander. Dr. Cloutis will provide training in the areas of spectroscopy-based geo/biological investigations, lead field trips to the various analogue sites in the Canadian prairies, and provide training in field testing and deployment of astrobiological instrumentation at these sites.

For further information on Ed Cloutis, please see Dr. Cloutis' web site