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Wayne Pollard (McGill U.) is the Director of the McGill Arctic Research Station and is considered an international expert on permafrost/ground ice. He has extensive experience with drilling and the use of geophysical tools such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Capacitive Coupled Resistivity (CCR) systems in permafrost environments in both the high Arctic and Antarctica. His long-term goals are to understand the hydrological and physical processes that shape and define cold dry landscapes and to identify niche environments in permafrost capable of harboring microbial life at or near the limit of its habitability. He will provide CATP training from the field observation and measurement of natural processes at the landform and landscape scales to the microscopic examination of soil pores, ice crystals and intra crystalline brine films. This work incorporates traditional geologic, hydrogeologic, geomorphic and stratigraphic field approaches together with precision instrumentation to measure and map climatologic, hydrologic and geomorphic processes and patterns and microbial habitats.

For further information on Wayne Pollard, please see Dr. Pollard's web site