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Gordon Osinski (UWO) Gordon Osinski(CSA Space Science Fellow, Deputy Director of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration) led the formation of the Canadian Network for Lunar Science and Exploration, which, in July 2008, became the first international Affiliate Member of NASA’s Lunar Science Institute. He is recognized as an emerging leading researcher in the field of impact catering as exemplified by the recent award of the prestigious Nier Prize of the Meteoritical Society. His research has broadened our understanding of impact events and indicates that impact craters can generate favourable and protected habitats for life on Earth and potentially other planets such as Mars. Much of his research is field-based; including 10 consecutive summers in the Canadian Arctic. He is also one of the few scientists in Canada analyzing data from current Mars missions and has extensive collaborations with MDA in the areas of technology development for planetary missions. CATP trainees will be exposed to a broad range of multidisciplinary research methods through the involvement of Dr. Osinski, ranging from fieldwork at CARN sites, laboratory work at UWO, and the analysis of mission data to seek out and locate potential habitable environments on Mars. He will also coordinate access to the Wimba Live Classroom software for all CATP members.

For further information on Gordon Osinski, please see Dr. Osinski's web site