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Hojatollah Vali (McGill U.) is the Director of the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR). He is an expert in biomineralization and part of the research team that conducted the multidisciplinary study of the Martian meteorite ALH84001. Dr. Vali teaches an undergraduate course in Astrobiology and for almost ten years organizes the annual Astrobiology Lecture Series at McGill, an outreach program devoted to promoting the exciting science of astrobiology to the general public. He is a member of the CSA Meteorite and Impact Advisory Committee, a former member of the CSA Space Exploration Advisory Committee (SEAC), consultant to the Space Missions Unit of MDA, on the editorial board of Astrobiology and J. of Canadian Space Exploration. CATP trainees will participate in Dr. Vali’s current interdisciplinary research projects investigating the processes occurring at the interface between inorganic and organic phases leading to the nucleation and growth of crystals (biomineralization) in both natural and synthetic systems. This is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates mineralogy, microbiology, and molecular biology.

For further information on Hojatollah Vali, please see Dr. Vali's web site