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B. Sherwood Lollar (U. Toronto) (F.R.S.C., CRC (Isotopes of the Earth and Environment), past Killam (2004-2006) and NSERC Steacie Fellow (1999-2001)) was profiled in 2000 by Time Magazine as one of 25 Leaders for the 21st Century, based on her research in applying novel techniques in isotope geochemistry for tracing carbon cycling in the Earth’s aqueous environment. Her research addresses the origin of methane and hydrogen gases and their use as substrates for sustaining chemoautotrophic communities in the earth’s deep subsurface in the absence of the sun’s energy. This research has direct implications not only for understanding the distribution of terrestrial subsurface life, but given the recent interest in CH4 on Mars, Enceladus and Titan and the potential for chemoautotrophic communities as a model for what might have existed on those bodies. The BSL lab will provide CATP trainees with the opportunity to develop and apply compound specific isotope analyses for C, H and N both in challenging field settings (Lupin and High Lake Mines, Nunavut; the deep mines of Canada and South Africa) and in real time experiments as well as designing strategies for addressing the origin of reported methane in the Mars atmosphere in collaboration with CATP microbiologists and planetary scientists.

For further information on B. Sherwood Lollar, please see Dr. Sherwood Lollar's web site