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Boswell Wing (McGill U.) (CRC, Earth System Science (Geochemistry)) came to McGill in 2006 from the University of Maryland where he was a member of the Carnegie Institution of Washington node of the NASA Astrobiology Institute. His research involves field and laboratory investigations of the environmental conditions recorded in ancient analogue environments, with the long-term research goal of tracking the co-evolution of microbial metabolisms and Earth’s global environment. His primary research tool involves high-precision measurement of the full spectrum of oxygen and sulfur stable isotopes, and he recently set up the first facility in Canada where these analyses are possible. Wing will provide CATP trainees with hands-on, state-of-the art experience in isotopic biosignatures as part of their wet lab research rotations. He will offer training in the investigation of ancient analogue environments as part of the field research rotations, using the unique natural laboratory provided by the vast Precambrian rocks of the Canadian Shield. With other members of the Biosignatures theme, he will implement and assess CATP training aimed at recognizing life in extraterrestrial environments.

For further information on Boswell Wing, please see Dr. Wing's web site